Frequently Asked Questions

Ayopaa is a secured, reliable, friendly to use centralized location for online buyers and sellers.

How does Ayopaa work?

For seller, you sign up on Ayopaa to be able to enlist your products on our platform. Once you have created your account, upload products with product description and set your price. Your account will generate a dashboard where you can manage your business from and your products will be published automatically on our platform in line with our Terms and Condition.

Do I need to have a physical store to sell goods?

You do not need to have a physical store to sell on Ayopaa, but you will be required to provide the physical address where Ayopaa should pick up goods from.

What are the available payment method options for customers?

Customers can choose between mobile money or card payment methods. At the moment, Ayopaa accepts payments from all available mobile money platforms, Visa and Mastercard Cash on Delivery.

Are international payments accepted?

Yes, we accept card payment through Visa and Mastercard, however we only deliver in Tanzania for now, therefore the delivery address must be in Tanzania.

Terms & Conditions to use Ayopaa?

Ayopaa Terms & Conditions can be accessed on our platform

How is my data protected?

Our privacy Policy can be accessed

How can I stop using Ayopaa platform?

You may delete your seller account and terminate the Terms at any time by contacting Ayopaa Support and follow the instruction as you may be guided.

How do you ensure the quality of the platform for users’ benefits?

Quality control is our utmost priority. To assure our customers that our platform is secured and reliable, we carry out the following vetting steps: we vet all sellers during their signing up through our effective Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process which includes verification of seller's identity and TIN through our integrated system with NIDA, TRA etc. We reserve the right to terminate the service with any seller who breaches Ayopaa Terms & Conditions.

How do you deliver in Ayopaa?

Ayopaa is adequate responsible for pick-up of goods from sellers and drop-off of to customers. The delivery fee is charged to the customer at checkout. Ayopaa only fulfills this in Dar es Salaam at the moment.

How does Ayopaa ensure the quality of the platform for the benefit of buyers seller?

Ayopaa takes good from sellers at a wholesale price equivalent to the end consumer price without VAT set by the seller minus an agreed % commission. The % commission is variable depending on volume of orders. Any other potential costs or charges will be clearly communicated and require acceptance from the seller before implementing. No hidden costs, no subscription fees.

How often will pay me?

Ayopaa will pay sellers within 48hr – 72hr of completing item ordered delivery.

Do I need to subscription fee?

No subscription fees.

Is there transaction fee?

Customers don’t pay transaction fees, however depending on the delivery method, they can be charged a delivery fee which is clearly stated during checkout if applicable.

How do I receive payments from Ayopaa?

Ayopaa pay via mobile money wallett or a bank account.

How do I know how many of my goods sold by Ayopaa?

On your account, you can see the details of all goods sold by Ayopaa under the tab "Orders".


How to become a seller on Ayopaa?

To become a seller click on "Seller Sign up" button on and complete the Sign Up steps in less than 1 minute. You will be required to provide personal and business information. Once your account has been verified, you will be able to upload your products from your designated dashboard and let Ayopaa start selling your products instantly.

What document(s) do I need to submit to be able to join inalipa?

Ayopaa is created for sellers of all scales, from micro to macro businesses. Our Know-Your-Business (KYB) processs is flexible, therefore you do not need to have a business license to join Ayopaa, all your need at minimum to get started is your National Identification Number (NIN) and a TIN number.

How do I sign in to my account?

Once you have successfully created your account, go to anytime you want to sign in, click on the "Sign in" button, enter your credentials and you will access your account

Do I need to have an EFD machine to sell on ayopaa?

Ayopaa operates in compliance with the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania, it is your responsibility to comply with the Tanzania Revenue Authority's regulations with regards to tax requirements and EFD receipts. In this case, you do not need to have an EFD machine.

Can I create more than one account on Ayopaa?

You are allowed to create more than one account provided that they are different products and do not bear the same name. However, if you are an incorporated entity, note that your Ayopaa account is attached to the specific business license you have uploaded when creating your account.

How do I add a product to my seller account?

To add a product, log in to your seller account and select a category. Under "Products" tab, go to "Add product", then add product details and save changes.

What product information is required?

Product information includes product name, description, photo, price, variants (for instance the product can exist in different colours, sizes etc. you create and customize as many variants as you wish), and stock available.

How many products can I add to my seller account?

There is no limit to how many products you can create.

How to manage inventory on Ayopaa?

You will receive a notification for replenishment as your stock nears stockout.

What happens if a product has sold out?

If a product has sold out and you have activated sold out, the product will no longer be visible to Ayopaa customers. You will have notify Ayopaa as your product nears a stock-out to replenish stock or update inventory information.

What products cannot be sold through Inalipa?

All products to be sold on Ayopaa must adhere to Ayopaa Terms & Conditions.

Who sets up the end consumer price?

You set up the end consumer price (excluding VAT) that a customer sees on Ayopaa checkout.

What is the minimum and maximum price I can set for a product?

No minimum and maximum price

How do I correct error on my product description and price?

Log in to your Ayopaa seller account and click on "Products" section, go to "Current inventory" and locate the product in question, then click "View" then "Edit". Update product details, then click "Save"

Should my product price be inclusive of VAT?

All product prices you set must be exclusive of VAT.

How do I know when I get order?

Order notifications will come through SMS and email, and will also appear under the tab "Orders" of your dashboard in real time.

What do I do after a order has been placed by buyer?

You process incoming orders as soon as you receive them and enter the date and time the goods will be ready for pick up by Ayopaa.

Can Ayopaa cancel an order buyer checkout?

Ayopaa can refund a customer until up to 72hrs after an order has been checked out in case there is an issue with the good, as per Ayopaa refund policy. In case Ayopaa has to refund a customer due to any breach by the seller of Ayopaa T & C, Ayopaa reserves the right to cancel that order and not pay you for that oreder.

What currencies are accepted through Inalipa?

Ayopaa currently accept Tanzanian Shillings only.

I don’t have the available for some reason, but Ayopaa already processed an order for a item, what shall I do?

Ayopaa gives you the choice to manage inventory or not. if you have opted in for inventory management, if you had disabled the item availability, they will automatically no longer be available for order on our platform. However, if you have disabled the item availability, Ayopaa customers can continue to order items available on our platform regardless of your stock level therefore you are required to be careful manage your inventory, to avoid Ayopaa displaying products that you do not have available. If a customer has paid for a product that is not available you will be required to either make it available to ensure that Ayopaa can still deliver the item within DT (Delivery Time) or you will have to cancel the order, and Ayopaa will refund the customer.

Ayopaa dispute policy?

When a customer makes an order on Ayopaa, they receive a confirmation SMS or EMAIL with an order tracking link. From the order tracking page, a customer can raise a dispute anytime from the moment they have paid up until 72hrs after an order has been marked as complete. Whenever a customer raises a dispute, Ayopaa will receive and manage the dispute, liaising with you the seller as required. We reserve the right to refund our customer and not pay the seller in case a product does not meet Ayopaa T & C.

What is Ayopaa refund policy?

Ayopaa reserves the right to refund a customer and not pay the seller in case a product does not meet Ayopaa T & C.

What is Ayopaa refund criteria?

We reserve the right to refund a buyer in case a product does not meet Ayopaa T & C. Refund can be requested under the following circumstances: - The product was not available - The product is not delivered - The product is good condition or damage - Misrepresentation of the product; please refer to Ayopaa T & C for refund policy.

How do I know if a customer has raised a dispute?

You will be able to see any dispute raised by a customer to Ayopaa in your seller account, under the tab "Orders" and then "Disputes".

How to contact Ayopaa support?

Please visit and click on the tab "Contact Us" to chose your preferred contact method. Ayopaa can be reached via call, Social media and email.

What should I do if I suspect that my account has been compromised?

Immediately contact Ayopaa Support through phone or email to freeze the account until a resolution is reached.

I have forgotten my account password, how do I reset it?

Go to click on "Sign in", enter your phone number or email address and then select "forgot password" and follow the instructions.